AlphaBrook was founded in 2011 to provide a new kind of market intelligence sourced solely from government decision-makers to help companies improve bid decisions and win more contracts within the public sector.

After spearheading the original Booz Allen Hamilton market intelligence team, and successfully growing multiple small businesses to acquisition exits in various growth roles (including Kadix Systems for over $47M), our founder Matt Hastings, became passionate about helping all companies experience this same level of growth and success in Federal.

The AlphaBrook Voice-of-Government® (VoG) idea was born in 2011 while considering the significant deficiencies with existing market intel solutions consisting of business development platforms and one-off consultants. It became apparent that the market intel platforms, which offer some basic awareness, pull most of their data from already available government databases, like FedBizOpps (FBO) and the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS), resulting in limited and out of date information. The consultants, typically retired government executives, provide expensive hourly-based strategy and appointment setting but lack the customer intimacy and knowledge necessary for winning new contracts. In spite of these business development investments, contractors remain uninformed regarding government customer preferences and pain points on their bid pursuits, resulting in lost bids and poor return-on-investment.

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In a first ever attempt within the public sector, AlphaBrook forfeited their right to bid on or win Federal contracts in exchange for real-time government communication partnership on current and upcoming contracts, requests-for-proposals, vendors, solutions needs, and more. By interviewing government decision-makers and transcribing exact verbal feedback for industry, companies can now make informed and timely bid decisions to maximize their business development return-on-investment. The government benefits too as our VoG solution reduces bid protests and greatly improves solutions to benefit government programs and their end-customers, the wonderful citizens of the United States.

Today, the AlphaBrook team supports hundreds of clients and employs dozens of research and outreach experts working within the AlphaBrook/Government communication channels to drive results for both industry and government.