What if you knew exactly what your target customers wanted and details regarding the challenges they are facing?

Our trademarked and proprietary Voice-of-Government® (VoG) process is delivered by sourcing market intelligence directly from the voice of your government prospects. We gather and share BD intelligence specific to a government customer’s wants and needs, using their own words.

Why is VoG Intelligence Important?

Our clients need to understand what their customers are seeking in order to develop proposals with optimal solutions to win deals. In an environment where government representatives increasingly shut down or avoid conversations with Federal vendors, open communications about the wants and needs of the customer have diminished. Without this essential information, it is difficult for contractors to:

  • Make informed bid and no-bid decisions

  • Develop solutions tailored to the needs of the government customer

  • Improve internal solutions to match government requirements

  • Empathize with your government prospects’ pain points

The Advantages of AlphaBrook VoG Intelligence:

The VoG BD intelligence gathered via our BDI solution is often the difference between winning or losing deals. Having an intimate knowledge of the customer’s environment sets your proposal apart from the rest and shows the evaluation panel that they can trust you to understand their challenges and deliver results.

  • New Wins - A standard RFP package has only a basic listing of the tasks, the proposal instructions, and evaluation criteria, but provides little insight into the customer’s pain points or qualitative needs. With AlphaBrook intel, you can craft proposals that prove to the customer you are the best company for the project, resulting in new wins.

  • Improved Solutions - Without hearing from the government end-user, it’s difficult to develop the right solution. Dialogue that reveals the context and full reasoning behind each requirement is crucial to comprehensively meet the customer’s needs within their unique environment.

  • Guaranteed Accuracy - Our VoG approach, which provides direct quotes (with sources cited) from the government end-users, mitigates risk of misinformation as the insights come from the program decision-makers’ exact words.

  • Increased ROI - Through conversations regarding incumbency performance, we discern which incumbents are performing well versus not, allowing your team to quickly and accurately determine which bids provide the maximum return on investment for your time and money.

In conclusion, the VoG BD intelligence shared from our direct conversations with the government end-users and decision-makers provides unmatched customer market intelligence. With the AlphaBrook Voice-of-Government® market intelligence, you can expect to win more deals.