AlphaBrook’s Voice-of-Government BDI solution helped us tremendously by identifying a contracting method to get us on contract for a US Air Force customer. Their solution secured a new Air Force contract win for us where we were under contract in weeks vs. months, which makes a huge difference for our business! We have been an AlphaBrook customer for 3 years and counting.
— John M. - Co-Founder at The Clearing
AlphaBrook’s BD Intelligence support is instrumental in helping us position for upcoming bids. We are blown away by the accuracy, speed, and detail of their capture intel. I am continually impressed with their ability to uncover opportunity intelligence not available elsewhere.
— Jeremy A. - CEO at BeSpokeCorps, LLC
The capture information they found has led to wins and I love how they document all of their findings into customized reports for us.
— Matt J. - VP at General Dynamics
One of the biggest challenges in growing a small business is to maintain excellence in delivery while also focusing on business development activities. To grow aggressively in today’s Federal market requires specific knowledge and experiences in the areas of opportunity identification, qualification, and pursuit. AlphaBrook provided us with these critical skill sets and effectively became an enormous asset to our business growth. The horsepower they provided in communicating with senior government leaders, supporting bid/no bid decisions by assessing the competitive landscape on contract competitions, and providing overall strategic sales guidance enabled us to maintain focus on the right targets and continue on our growth path.”
— Jonathan S. - Chief Growth Officer at The Clearing
Since they are constantly talking to government program contacts, AlphaBrook has their finger on the Federal pulse like no one else. I count on them to give me honest and genuine insight on government executives, opportunities, and potential partners.
— Greg A. - VP at Zoomph
I’ve worked with many BD firms in my career and I believe that AlphaBrook Voice-of-Government is the most effective as their information comes from interviews with government program end-users. This unique intel has resulted in new wins for my clients in the public sector.
— David G. - President at InLine Financials
AlphaBrook has been a trustworthy and dependable partner to Definitive Logic. Their complete knowledge of the Federal capture process and substantial communication network has been instrumental in several successful efforts for us already. Their BDI research team quickly meshed well with our staff across multiple programs and we developed several new leads as a result since we started working together. Several of those leads are now active opportunities that will help drive growth for Definitive Logic into the future. We’re looking forward to continuing our successful partnership with AlphaBrook as we forge ahead.
— Paul B. - Co-Founder at Definitive Logic
AlphaBrook is unlike other firms because they don’t cycle their customers through past connections or relationships. They recognize every client is unique and help them identify potential buyers via their Voice-of-Government solution. They further understand business development does not happen by chance – it requires a disciplined, methodological approach that often forces their clients outside their comfort zone – where true professional growth occurs. Their proven Lead Generation methodology allows them to generate quality leads to ensure business development activity is focused on the greatest probability of success. More simply put, you tell them where you want to go and they take you there.
— VP at Celerant Consulting
I’ve worked with AlphaBrook VoG for a number of my Business Development needs; whether it is searching for the best partner, gaining customer insight, and/or industry knowledge.  I have always been impressed with their commitment to customer satisfaction, delivering consistent results, and knowledge of the Industry.  They are experts at positioning their clients to win new deals while avoiding the common Federal BD pitfalls.  If you want a firm with tenacity and a proven track record, you should hire AlphaBrook.
— Kila C. - Business Development at VIP Consulting
AlphaBrook has been instrumental in establishing a repeatable, measurable, and sustainable business development and capture management process at Excentium.  Anchored in lessons-learned from prior engagements, industry best business practices, and a solid foundation and understanding of industry-recognized customer management and business generation support tools, AlphaBrook’s recommendations for our Federal Sales Strategy resulted in a targeted, scalable solution, that directly traces to our business goals and objectives. They also helped execute on this sales strategy by identifying and communicating with new government buyers to provide valuable market intelligence to spur new business growth.
— Director at Excentium

Testimonials of Our Founder

Matt is an honest, insightful, detailed oriented and strategically thinking business development executive. He builds trusted, value based relationships that are mutually beneficial. I trust Matt as our business partner.
— Tom O. - President and Co-Owner at AIS
I had the blessing to work with Matt at Octo and I am glad I did. He is a great guy to work with and so easy to be friends with. His ability to understand the mutual benefit of a business relationship is what makes him so good at what he does. Work with him, you’ll be glad you did.
— David T. - President at Trio Consulting Group
Matt did a great job sourcing and managing deals while working at Kadix. His intelligence, professionalism, and integrity made him a highly valued member of our sales team and I strongly recommend him.
— Joe H. - Founder at BluePath Labs
Matt helped FGS revise its Commercial Sales Strategy. He simplified our service lines, approach to new business and most importantly follow through. I would not hesitate to recommend Matt to any of my counterparts; however, only those ready to take an honest look at what needs to be changed. Once you’re ready for that, the change becomes absolutely LIBERATING. Thank you, Matt
— Laura R. - President at Focus Group Solutions
Matt is a true talent and credit to his profession. He embodies the very meaning of the word integrity and embraces all projects with incredible initiative, good strategic thought and superior execution. He truly understands what it takes to be successful in a Business Development role and is a pleasure to work with on a daily basis. Straightforward, earnest and an capability to stick with it and get it done–trust me, you want Matt on your team.
— Kelly E. - CEO at The Edens Group
I have worked with Matt Hastings for several years now, and he has specific skills which distinguish him among Business Developers I have worked with over my career. He has a great understanding of the marketplace and competitive landscape and is able to develop successful teams to pursue Federal contracts. He also has the ability to meet with high-level decision-makers and provide them the information they need to address their critical challenges. Matt is very organized, developing tools and repeatable methodologies to ensure his and his clients’ success.
— Frank N. - Sales Executive at Octo Consulting Group
Matt was the singular reason I chose to work with his previous employer. During an extensive period of interviewing potential prime vendors to partner with, I had the opportunity to speak with Matt numerous times. As I like to tell colleagues, Matt was genuinely interested in my business, and made me feel like I was his only client. He “got” what we do and considering the complexity of our business model, that says quite a bit.
— Tony S. - CEO at EdVenture Partners
Matt is an intelligent, driven and resourceful business developer. Each time that I have worked with Matt he has proven his ability to identify qualified new business opportunities, establish and build new relationships, understand customer requirements and best position for success. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with or partner with Matt on a new business pursuit.
— Brian Y. - Executive at HP