The AlphaBrook team celebrates the holidays!

We had a blast celebrating the holidays and a successful 2017 last week! The team exchanged Secret Santa gifts, which was an event organized by one of our team members, Ryan. We all took a guess at who our gift-givers were after each unwrapping and learned a lot about the present wrapping talents of our colleagues!

Our CEO then unveiled this year’s corporate gifts. We have been given some great presents in past years, and the 2017 gift certainly did not disappoint! Our team members will be well-equipped to read that next trending novel, or catch up on their favorite Netflix show via our new Amazon Kindles.

When the gifting concluded, we were off to bowl at Pinstripes in Georgetown. Some folks let their talents shine, and had fun experimenting with trick shots.

After working up an appetite with a multitude of strikes and spares, we then headed to dinner at Paolo’s Ristorante to end the evening with some fantastic food surrounded by great company.

We sincerely appreciate the hard work our team members have put in throughout this last year, and thank you all for a great 2017! With the caliber of talent shown by our colleagues this year, we are confident 2018 will be full of continued success.

Sara Coit