Recap of our new BDI Video

Getting Started

The AlphaBrook team put on our creative caps for the last few months to develop a new overview video of our BDI solution! Our solution has continued to grow exponentially, experiencing 500% growth year over year. Recently, we realized that we could increase that growth even more by developing a resource to provide those interested in AlphaBrook’s BDI solution with an overview of what we do.

Until this point, our sales demos have been the main medium through which we are able to fully explain what our unique solution offers to our clients. So we decided that we wanted to create another way, albeit less detailed, to spread an engaging message about the AlphaBrook BDI advantage.

Creating The Story

We were very involved with the development of this video in every step of the process. The structure of the video is intended to make it relatable for our prospective customers, as the viewer is able to follow a BD employee throughout the storyline. The video begins with a BD employee who is displeased with his business’ performance. We detail typical challenges, which are examples given to us by our clients of what they have faced in their federal contracting pursuits, as well as the typical responses our clients have initiated. Our employees who have previously worked for government contracting companies were also able to share their experiences regarding challenges and responses of their previous employers. Though we don’t expect every person who watches these examples to connect with each one, our intention is to portray our understanding of how tough the federal contracting market can be, and the hurdles that many companies have to overcome.

The video then explains the unique features and key benefits that our BDI solution provides, including how our research team directly engages with government executives for their capture intelligence research. Though there are many other benefits and ways for companies to utilize our solution that are not explained in the video, we hope that this overview of key benefits and features (such as our guarantee to return research reports within 2-3 days of the request) inspire additional questions and intrigue. For those who are interested in learning more, we offer demos with our sales executives who can give more detail on the mechanics of our solution and how it works after you sign up with us. You can sign up for a demo here.

When All is Said and Done

This process was an excellent experience and we are very happy with the end product! It was so exciting to watch our original ideas, scribbled on white boards and jotted down on paper, transformed into a fun and informative message about the AlphaBrook BDI solution. We hope you enjoy!

We hope you enjoy!

Sara Coit

Sara Coit