Business Development Resolutions for FY 2016

Have you thought about what your business missed out on in FY 2015? When business owners talk to me about their mistakes or regrets it’s almost always related to something that decreased or limited the growth of their company. So what can you do to avoid these mistakes and improve your sales efforts in FY 2016? Have you identified your weaknesses or are you just ignoring the areas that need improvement within your growth strategy? I believe owners would put much more effort into resolutions if they truly understood the consequences that follow poor BD/Sales execution. To cut to the chase, the consequence of poor BD execution is lost revenue which is also the #1 reason companies fail.

So back to the question, how do you improve your sales efforts for FY 2016? Below is a list of questions that AlphaBrook encourages our clients to consider. Do you have similar questions? If so, these are areas that probably need improvement within your business. Implement Business Development Resolutions to solve these issues and take action to close more business in 2016.

Questions Your Company Should Be Considering:

  • How can we develop a sales strategy and then measure our progress against it?

  • How do we identify government buyers that need our services?

  • How do we gain the attention of these buyers and share our distinctions with them?

  • How do we use the collective efforts of our employees to pursue new business opportunities?

  • How do we leverage our contract vehicles we have to win new business?

  • Should we be investing in a CRM tool to manage our pipeline?

  • What industry partners should we be talking with for teaming purposes?

  • What type of BD / Sales training is available for our staff?

  • How do we gain visibility into contract vehicles (GWACs, Agency-Specific, Schedules) that we do not have?

  • What type of yearly growth should our business be aiming for based on bench-marking?

  • How can we develop a more aggressive, sales-driven culture and motivate our employees?

  • What changes can we make to better forecast our revenue each year?

  • What are the most successful companies doing to grow their Federal business?

Sara Coit