AlphaBrook Market Intelligence 


Our AlphaBrook® BD Intelligence (BDI) solution provides verbal feedback from your target customers to fill any intel gaps for opportunities in your pipeline.

We refer to these verbal customer insights as Voice-of-Government® (VoG), and we deliver our findings through professionally written reports, transcribing the government's exact words and feedback to help with your bid and proposal decisions. Popular VoG intel we provide, which is not available anywhere else, includes direct verbal feedback on areas such as; incumbency performance, pain points, desired technical solutions, required innovations, price-to-win, contract budget, teaming and competitive analysis, and more.

Our BDI solution is a subscription model focused on capturing key market intelligence to help you prepare for bids throughout the year. 

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We Go Below the Surface

Before AlphaBrook, BD solutions available in the Federal market (platforms and consultants) only focused on information commonly available or easily attainable, such as NAICS code, the contracting office conducting the procurement, or generalized value and RFP timeline. In reality, this information is only a minute portion of what is needed to win.

Our VoG intelligence goes beyond the 15% (or the top of the iceberg) of information commonly available. We speak directly with government decision-makers to obtain the other 75% of intel previously unavailable. These exclusive insights provide our clients with information that wins deals, such as incumbency performance, executive pain points, desired solutions, confirmed evaluation panel members, and much more.



What if you knew exactly what your target customers wanted and details regarding the challenges they are facing? Our trademarked and proprietary Voice-of-Government® (VoG) process is defined by the sourcing of our BD intelligence directly from the government customers. This phrase was inspired by a more commonly known concept, Voice-of-Customer.

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